Guest speakers

We are happy to host professors, accademics and other prominent figures working in the fields of Nuclear Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology. Here you can find the profiles of some of them (constantly updated).

  • Prof. Fabrizio Petrucci
    Università Roma Tre

    Dr. Petrucci is working in Roma Tre University since the year 2003, after getting his PhD, with different position at University or INFN, then as a researcher (since 2008) and finally as a professor (since 2016). He has been local coordinator and member of the National Scientific Committee 1 (Particle physics) of INFN and referee for INFN of some experimental activities. For the department of Mathematics and Physics, he is currently member of the Physics PhD board and deputy for the Infrastructures within the “Excellence Department” project (Dipartimento di Eccellenza). He has always been involved in the study of proton-proton high energy collisions at LHC. In particular, with the ATLAS experiment, he focused on inclusive leptons cross sections measurements and Higgs boson searches and measurements. He built, tested and installed some of the ATLAS muon detectors and he was responsible for the calibrations of the muon detectors in the period 2010-2012. In the last years he's been involved in R&D and construction for the phase-1 upgrades of the ATLAS muon detectors and in the R&D of innovative Micro Patters Gas Detector for tracking under high rates. Recently, his interests are moving to different topics as neutrino physics (with the JUNO experiment) and to the search of Dark Matter exploiting the so called “directionality” (within the CYGNO project).

    Particle physics with accelerators: the energy and intensity/precision frontiers; two examples from the activities @ Roma Tre.

  • Prof. Severino Bussino
    Università Roma Tre

    Prof. Bussino graduated in Physics at the Pisa University in November 1980. He got a Postgraduate Degree in Nuclear and Particle Physics in 1984, followed by a PhD in Physics at the Rome University La Sapienza in September 1992. Starting from 2022, he is a Physics Researcher at the Roma Tre University, carrying out experimental scientific activity in the field of Astroparticle Physics, with a special interest for Data Analysis, Monte Carlo simulations and Software Development. Past research activity in the field of Cosmic Rays Physics (Collaborations MACRO and ARGO-YBJ). At the moment he is part of the Collaborations DarkSide and Belle II, with a focus on the search for Dark Matter.

    Research Activities in the field of Astroparticle Physics @ Roma Tre

  • Prof. Anna Di Ciaccio
    Università Roma Tor Vergata

    The birth of the Universe and Particle Physics

  • Prof. Annalisa D'Angelo
    Università Roma Tor Vergata

    Prof. Annalisa D’Angelo got a Master Degree in Physics at University Rooma La Sapienza, and since 2001 is Associate Professor of Nuclear and Sub-nuclear Physics at University of Roma Tor Vergata. She has devoted her research activity to the study of photo-nuclear reactions with polarized Compton backscattered photon beams at the LADON (Frascati) , LEGS (Brookhaven, USA) and GRAAL (Grenoble) facilities, with the aim of investigating the nucleon baryonic resonances, also using frozen spin polarized HD targets. Since 2009 she has continued the same activity as a member of the CLAS Collaboration (JLAB, USA), where the use of a polarized electron beam extended the research to the study of the internal structure of the nucleon through electron scattering reactions and nucleon-nucleon correlation in nuclei. Since 2013 she is part of the HPS collaboration dedicated to the search of light dark matter at JLAB. In 2016 she also joined the EIC user group.

    Baryons spectrum and structure