Jointly organized by the International Students of History Association (ISHA) and the Italian Association of Physics Students (AISF), National Committee for Italy of the International Association of Physics Students (IAPS), the first HYPE – HistorY and Physics Experience – will be held in Bologna, Italy, from May 25th to May 27th, 2018.

This event will gather 40 international university students from the fields of history and physics in the historic city of Bologna and provide a platform for an open and informative exchange of ideas and experiences in the study and analysis of the role that nuclear physics, and physics in general, has played in changing the course of human history.

Participants will partake in intense and exciting discussions and hear the perspectives of celebrated historians and physicists. HYPE will enable all participants to develop a deeper understanding of the past and realise the possibilities of the future while also allowing them to get to know the history of Bologna, home to the oldest university in Europe.