AISF Local committees of Pisa and Florence wait for you at the Lights of Tuscany programme, now at its fifth edition! The event is open to all students of the International Association of Physics Students and will bring 40 students to visit some of the most advanced research facilities in Tuscany, with a focus on Photonics and Optics and one key mission: to foster enthusiasm in the minds of young physicists.


40 students from many countries and of all ages, coming to Pisa and Florence to discover the Lights of Tuscany.


Three days in Pisa, two in Florence. The opening cerimony will be held in Pisa, with conferences and there will be visits to the laboratories of VIRGO, CNR and INFN. We will then move to Florence, where we will visit the laboratories of LENS of the department of Physics, hosting the closing cerimony.


The Lights of Tuscany programme has reached its fifth edition and we are happy to annouce the return of this event on the international scale, with new activities and improvements

The event will have a focus on Photonics, but a number of other topics will be touched upon, including Matter physics, Quantum Optics, Biophysics. To have a basic understanding of these subjects will help in order to effectively make the most of the programme, but this is an opportunity for everyone to learn regardless of one’s background.

Lights of Tuscany 2023 will also see alongside its participants, the students of the last years of high school in Pisa that will join us on the first day of conferences, to give them a first look in the world of research and university, as well as the chance to meet both students and professors and ask them any question regarding their research. Anyone is invited to share their own experience during the conferences and coffee breaks.

The Program will be constantly updated as further details are provided.