AISF is the Italian Association of Physics Students. It is a non-profit association with educational purposes. Its members are all the students, enrolled in a graduate or undergraduate physics course, who request it and pay the associative quota. The purpose and intent of AISF are the promotion of sciences and in particular of physics among students and the development of relationships between students from different parts of the country.

Executive Committee

The administrative and executive organ of the association is its Executive Committee (EC), currently composed of 7 members elected during the General Assemblies held every year in the Italian Conference of Physics Students (CISF). The current Executive Committee has been elected during the second and third General Assemblies held respectively in Turin (2016) and Bari (2017). You can find more info about it in the Executive Committee page.

Local Committees

AISF is organized in Local Committees, each with its own president. You can find more about them in the Local Committees page.

The legal address of the Association is in:

Istituto di Fisica dell'Università di Torino
via P. Giuria 1
10125 Torino - ITALIA

C.F. 97787600010
P.IVA. 11237480014