The Associazione Italiana Studenti di Fisica promotes collaborations among Italian physics students in an international and global context. Its members are Local Committees and individual members, that gather together regurarly in conferences and local, national and international events.


IAPS is an association of physics students and student societies from around the globe, working to promote peaceful collaboration among them. Its members are represented by national and local committees, who meet regularly to ensure the relevance of its activities. There are 16 National Committees and 10 Local Committees of IAPS, representing and estimated total of 50000 students. Beside that, there are also individual members from other countries.


AISF organizes activities both for Italian students and for the IAPS community. In addition to the great national and international events, the Local Committees organize other activities in their respective universities.

    • 105° Congresso SIF–Sezione Giovani

      105° Congresso SIF–Sezione Giovani

      Sep 2019

    • HYPE–Space Matters

      HYPE–Space Matters

      May 2019

    • Light of Tuscany 2019

      Light of Tuscany 2019

      Pisa, Firenze,
      Apr 2019

    • CISF 2019

      CISF 2019

      Mar 2019